Albert Einstein Biography In English – Life, Story, Childhood and much more


The person who has not done any mistake in his life,
                                                                   That person didn’t try to do anything new in his life
By – Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a great theoretical physicist. He had given the formula which is specially used in making the atomic bomb. Due to which Albert was awarded by Nobel Prize of Physics. He had given the theory of relativity. Albert Einstein had given the formula E = mc2.

Let’s know Albert Einstein’s life story from the beginning, let’s start

Einstein was born on 14th March 1879 at Ulm in Germany. His father name was Herman Einstein and he was an engineer as well as a salesman. When Einstein was born, his head is very big compared to his body. From the beginning, he was very different from other kids. He didn’t do any mischief and he was very quiet and silent. He learns to speak at the age of 4 years and at the age of 9, he can’t able to speak fluently. That’s why his father and mother were very much afraid of his future.

About his childhood:

He didn’t want to play with his friends. He was waiting for Sunday because on Sunday his father takes him to a very silent place. Einstein can think about trees, world, galaxy etc. He always thinks how this world works. Einstein thinks that school is like a jail and everyone present their acts as a prisoner. He always asks various cross-questions to his teachers while having studied and due to which his teachers were very much irritated on him and they start calling him mad. So once on a fine day, he asked one of his teachers that how can he make his mind active and the Teacher replied that it can only be done by practice.

And Einstein began on the words of his teachers and due to his hard work, he became a great mathematician as well as a physician. After that he had achieved various achievements, one of his achievements was Theory of Relativity and became the founder of Theory of Relativity. At present whatever things we are watching on Internet have a special contribution by Albert Einstein. He had shown that a mad person can change everything by hard work and practice. Albert Einstein had got the opportunity to be the Prime Minister of Israel but Einstein refused this opportunity. After the death of Einstein, one of the physicians had stolen the mind of Einstein to see how it works.
On 18th April 1955, he soul rest in peace. He had given his life for the betterment of humanity.

He was a true legend.

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