Isaac Newton Biography

issac newton
issac newton

“Any Invention can’t be done,
Without having a great thinking”
By: Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Biography

Isaac Newton was a great mathematician, astronomer, and physicist. He had given the law of Gravity which is very much beneficial for humanity. According to Newton, gravity attracts all the things towards it. Due to gravity, we came to know that why the moon is rotating around the earth and why the earth is rotating around the sun. Isaac had also given the law of motion which helps in the construction of cycle, airplane, rocket etc. (F = ma) Were F stands for Force, M stands for Mass and A stands for Acceleration.

Let’s know his life story –

Sir Isaac Newton was born on 25th December 1642 in the United Kingdom. He didn’t have a father by birth because his father died 3 months ago his birth date. When he was born, he was too weak to survive but by the miracle of God, he survived. When he was 2 years old, her mother married another guy. But that guy didn’t like Newton. So Newton went to his grandparent’s house. From the beginning, Newton was very much unfriendly due to which he doesn’t have any friends.

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About his school days:

From the beginning, Isaac only thinks about moons and stars and asks various questions about it to his grandparents. But Isaac’s grandparents were unable to answer correctly or accurate because at that time Technology is not developed.
At the age of 12, Newton began to go school which is named after The King’s School, Grantham. He was not good in studies due to which many students making fun of him and Newton starts fighting with them, by observing all these activities of Newton, the School decided to rusticate him.

About his college days:

At that time Isaac’s second Father also gets died and Newton went to live with her mother. Newton family members were not so financially well so Newton’s mother told Newton to do farming for their livelihood. But Newton disagreed her and went to school. Now Isaac tried his best in studies and became a topper. After that, he got admission in Trinity College, Cambridge. He got a scholarship from school due to which he can continue his research and studies. After that, he founded various mathematical formulas and he got the name as Calculus.

About his achievements and research:

After that Newton went to his mother because at that time a plague disease was spreading and there he went to begin his work on Law of Motion and Law of Gravity. So after doing hard labor for several years, Newton got the success and proved that if a person has a perfect and motivated dream then he can achieve anything. On 20th March 1727 in London Newton’s soul rest in peace. Today also all the Scientists were saluting Newton’s researchers and follows his principle. He was a great inspiration for the upcoming generation.



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