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Kalpana Chawla
Kalpana Chawla



Kalpana Chawla – The First Indian Women in Space:  Today, I am going to share about the lifestyle of the great Indian astronaut Kalpana Chawla (First Indian Women in Space). She was an Indo-American astronaut. She is a great inspiration for us.

About Her Childhood                                                


Kalpana was born at Karnal in Haryana and her father name was Banarasi Lal.  In Kalpana’s childhood, her nickname was “motu” which means a fat person in English. She always thinks about going higher in the air or atmosphere. She always used to ask his father about airplane and Rocket.

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About Her School Life                                              


Her primary studies were going on at Tagore School in Karnal. After that Kalpana went to Chandigarh Engineering College and got the certificate in Aeronautics. Then Kalpana went to America or U.S.A to fulfill our dreams. In America, Kalpana went to Colorado University for her P.H.D in aerospace.

About her research and achievements            

In 1928 Kalpana joined NASA, and there she had done various researches. Due to her hard-work and interest, Kalpana got an opportunity to be in a team of 15 members for the aerospace research team. After that, she got a chance to be in a team of 6 members who were going to do a space mission.

About her first space mission                              

Their first launch was on 19th November 1997 in STS 28. This mission was fulfilled on 5th December 1997. After that Kalpana Chawla was recognized by various Indians. She raised the proud of India and became the first Indian women who traveled in space. After 5 years, she was again selected by NASA for a space mission. Then her mission starts from Columbia, Space Shuttle in 16th January 2003.

During this mission with her teammates, she had done various researches in Space. After that, a dreadful incident occurred. By listening to this incident, eyes have full of tears. 16 minutes before entering the earth, but suddenly blast occurred and with Kalpana and her teammates, all the Astronauts died.

She was a pride for our world.


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