Mercedes Benz Success Story: A Luxury Car Company

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Success Story: A Luxury Car Company

Today we are going to discuss a  luxury automobile brand(Mercedes Benz). Mercedes Benz is one of the oldest car company in our world. Basically, it is founded by a German company. Actually, this company was started by two people that are Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. We all know this company so let’s have a look at this brand success story.

Mercedes Benz Success Story
Mercedes Benz Success Story

The beginning of Mercedes:

The journey of this brand starts from 1886 by Karl Benz when he took the first patent of a car named as Benz Patent Motorwagen. Due to his invention, he wants to change the entire system of traveling. At that time that car cost 150$. In that year only Gottlieb Daimler and Engineer Wilhelm Maybach had transformed the horse riding vehicle into a  petrol engine vehicle and they got success.

About the Manufacturers:

In 1897 a well-renowned businessman Emil Jellinek purchased his first car from  Gottlieb Daimler. Emil Jellinek was so fond of his car that he had approached him to make more such cars. Emil Jellinek had given a condition that whichever he will make he have to give the name as Mercedes. Emil Jellinek had given this condition because Mercedes was the name of Emil Jellinek daughter. Mercedes car was first launched in 1901 by Daimler Motors Corporation. This car was so nice and won various racing competitions due to which it became very popular among the people.

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The worst time period for Mercedes:

Due to world war German automobile industry have to bear so much of huge losses such as taxation and shortage of fuel. Due to such circumstances and inflation production of the car was almost getting stopped. To overcome this situation Daimler Motors Corporation started manufacturing Bicycle and typewriters, but this production isn’t able to fulfill the needs.

Partnership for Mercedes Benz:

Due to such worst situations In 1919 Karl Benz offered the partnership offer to Daimler Motors but they refused the offer. After 4 years both the companies get unified. Due to their partnership in1996, they Started their work as Mercedes Benz. This decision was very much beneficial to both the companies. In 1997 Mercedes Benz had produced 8000 units. In this particular year, they had launched the truck which was able to run on diesel.



About renowned model Mercedes Benz 770:

In the period of 1930-1943, the most popular and renowned model is Mercedes-Benz 770. One of the facts is that Adolf Hitler also travels in this car only. This model of car was now in the Ottawa War museum for the display of common people. In 1944, 46000 workers were forced by Nazi Army to work in the Mercedes factory. After that company had given 12 million $ to the family members of the workers. After that Mercedes had done various changes and advancement in their models.

Advancement and success for Mercedes:

On one hand, they were increasing the measures of safety while on the other hand, they were also developing their techniques. Due to which this company was coming under one of the best car production company. And At present all over the world Mercedes has more than 30 factories. From which in India the factories are located in Bangalore, Mumbai, And Pune. Today also Mercedes is recognized by us because of its good quality. Mercedes was best before 100 years and today also it is best.

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