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Hi friends, Today I am going to talk about a great mathematician of a great India that is Srinivasa Ramanujan. At the age of 36, he had founded various things in the field of Maths with the help of his hard-work and efforts he had got his position. He was so poor that he can’t even pay the fees of his school. He had failed in the examinations so that Srinivasa could not even get any scholarships. Due to which he had to left his studies. Even in his life, he is struggling with various health problems and for job or employment Srinivasa have to struggle so much. But Ramanujan interest and efforts in maths had provided him with an inspiration to live a life of dignity. But Srinivasa doesn’t lose his hope in his life. You are astonished to know that at the age of 11 Srinivasa is able to solve the math problems of college level and at the age of 13 Srinivasa had learned the advanced trigonometry. Until the age of 32, Ramanujan had founded around 3900 equations in maths on his own. Srinivasa Ramanujan was such a great person that on his birthday whole country celebrates National Mathematics day( 22 December ).

When was he born?
Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22nd December , 1887 at Erode in Tamil Nadu.


His father name was K. Srinivasa Iyengar and he was working as a clerk in a Saree Shop and his mother name was Komalatammal and she was a singer as well as a housewife. He spent his childhood living in a place named as Kumbakonam which is famous for old temples. But at present generation, his home was converted into a huge museum. Ramanujan was different from other small kids because every child starts speaking at the age of 1 or 2 but Ramanujan can’t able to speak till the age of 3 due to which Srinivasa family members were afraid that whether Srinivasa is dumb.


On 1st October 1892, he got admission in school. Srinivasa curiosity was very much in studies and especially in Maths. At the age of 10 years, in his examination, he secured 1st position in his whole town. For further studies, he had taken his admission in Town Higher Secondary School. From the beginning, he was asking various unimaginable questions such as who was the first person on earth? what is the distance between the ground and the cloud? and many more like this. Due to which his teachers were very much irritated upon him. But his behavior is so good that no one can get angry with him for a long period of time.

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Once his principal told all that the questions appearing on the exam were not applicable for Ramanujan because he can solve any question in just a minute. He had got Subramaniyam Scholarship which made his further studies easier. But the main problem is that he was giving his all time to Maths without giving any attention to the other subjects and even in other subject’s class he was busy in solving maths problems and the outcome was that except Maths he had failed on all the subjects. Due to which he didn’t get any scholarship. This was a very hard time for Srinivasa Ramanujan because he belongs to a poor family. To reduce his poverty level, Srinivasa started teaching maths as a tutor. After some time he had given a retest in 12th class but failed to secure passing marks in it. So he left out his school.


But his belief in God can’t able to break any of Srinivasa dreams. In 1908, his family members made him married to a girl named as Janki. He went to Madras for searching jobs and as he was not 12th pass he didn’t get any job and his health has also got worst so he came back to his home. When he got healed he again went to Madras for searching jobs and because someone had told him he went to meet with Shri Ramchandra Rao and he gave him a scholarship. After one year he had published his first research that is Properties of Bernoulli Numbers.


After publishing his first research, he worked as a clerk in Madras Port where he can able to carry his research on Maths. Without sleeping all night he worked to find new formulas for maths. His research was on a level of marvel that without the help of anyone he can’t able to continue his research. At that time he showed his research to a professor who compares the research of Ramanujan with a well-renowned mathematician at that time Mr Professor Hardy. Professor Hardy agreed to work with Ramanujan.Ramanujan went to England to continue his research with Mr.Hardy.


After a while, for a great research, Ramanujan had got a great award from Cambridge University and he had got the citizenship of Royal Society. Due to some disease, he had fallen sick but after the analysis of doctors, Ramanujan recognizes that he was suffering from TB and the weather of England was not good for his health. So Ramanujan went to India but in India, his health was not also so good. At the age of 33 years,26 April 1920 his soul REST IN PEACE. But we all lose a great Mathematician from our world.

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