The Rock Biography : an Actor, Wrestler and Football player


The Rock: an actor, wrestler and football player

Today we are going to discuss about a wrestler named as Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). He was a wrestler as well as Hollywood superstar. In his professional life, he had played various football matches. Let us know about this multitalented Person.

About his profession and Family:

He was born in 2 may 1972, at Hayward, California in U.S. A. His father name was Rocky Johnson who was a great wrestler. Rock is related to Anoa’i family in which Umaga, Rikishi, Yokozuna and Roman Reigns had taken Birth. Her cousin Nia Jax is also a professional wrestler and she plays in WWE for the Raw brand.

About his school Days:

The rock was watching his father from his childhood for doing wrestling, but he had no interest in wrestling. Rock had a keen interest in playing football And he wants to make his carrier in football only. His beginning days were spent at Grey Lynn in New Zealand. There he had done his studies in Richmond Road Primary School. After that, his family again came back to U.S.A and their Rock took the admission in President William Mckinley high school.

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About his College life:

When Rock took the admission in 11 standard his father got transferred at Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. Their he took admission in Freedom High school and started playing football. Along with football he also participates in track and field and wrestling. His football skills were getting developed day by day. By seeing his football skills he got various offers from different universities. And then he took admission in the University of Miami for a full scholarship.

His Step towards wrestling:

The Rock Wrestler
The Rock Wrestler

He played for a Canadian football league but due to some injury, he got suspended. Due to injuries rock decided to left out his carrier in football and started making his carrier in Wrestling. After that, he took the wrestling training from his father for 1 year. Then he signed a contract with WWF and his first match was at 17 November 1996 and he eliminated Crush and Goldust. On 13 February 1997 on Monday night he defeated Triple H And won the Intercontinental Championship From hunter Hearst Helmsley.

About his achievements in wrestling:

Due to this Championship, he became very popular among people.On 28 April 1997 due to the knee injury in a match against mankind due to which he had to stay outside of the ring. Then he returned in August 1997 and made his team named as the nation of domination. After that Rock won the 2000 Royal Rumble Championship.

About his Life great achievements:

Till today Rock had Won Eight times WWE championship, Two times world championship, two-time Intercontinental championship and Five times WWF tag team Championship. Along with this, he was The sixth Triple Crown Champion in WWE. From 1996-2004 Rock gained very much prosperity by wrestling.

A step towards Acting:

The Rock Biography
The Rock Biography

From 2004 he made wrestling as part-time and gave his full time towards acting. His first film was The Scorpion King for this film he got 5.5 million $ and it was a world record for an actor in his first starring role. Some of his famous movies are The Mummy returns, The Rundown, Be cool, The game planner, Furious 7, Baywatch and many more. Rock was the Highest paid actor of 2016.

About his Humanity:

The rock was a good wrestler, actor but he is also a good person. He is very kind and helpful towards others. He and his wife had donated One million $ to the University Of Miami For its Betterment. Rock had studied in this university only. He got married on 3rd may 1997 a girl named as Dani Garcia but they had a divorced in 2007. But they are still good friends.

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