Usain Bolt Biography (Full Detailed Biography Birth Date,Records,More)

Usain Bolt Biography: World’s fastest human being is Usain Bolt. He is a retired Jamaican Sprinter and he also holds a world record in 100 m, 200 m, and 400m relay races. He had smashed all the world records and won 9 gold medals as a reigning champion. He is one of the best sportsmen and athlete. Due to his achievements in various worldwide competitions, he is considered to be the greatest Sprinter. He is the most successful athlete in the world. He had done hattrick with a record-breaking tally of 9 gold medals at 3 consecutive Olympics.  Let us know about him in brief –

usain bolt biography
usain bolt biography

Usain Bolt Biography

As we all know the renowned sportsmen Usain Bolt who had made his country proud of him in recent Olympics by winning gold medals. He is a great sprinter and he had won various Olympics games as well as World Championships, Men’s  Athletics. He is also known as Lightning Bolt. He is the only fastest man alive till today. He is god gifted. He started sprinting as junior but over the world scenario, he is the effortless dominance of the 100m and 200m race final at the Beijing Olympics in China.

About His Family and Origin

The Full Name Of Usain Bolt is Usain St Leo Bolt. His nationality is Jamaican. He was born on 21st August 1986 at Sherwood content in Jamaica. Jamaica is a very famous island of the west indies. His residence is in Jamaica at Kingston. His height is 1.95 m or 6 foot 5 inch and his weight is 94 kg.  His father name was Wellesley Bolt and her mother name was Jennifer Bolt. He had a brother named as Sadiki and a sister named Sherine His parents were gaining livelihood from a general store.

Early Life

When bolt was a youngster, he was mostly interested in Sports. He spends his time playing Cricket, Basketball, and Football. At one moment, he considered making his career as a cricketer. But due to his natural talent for sprinting raised up. Due to which he was encouraged to take sprinting more seriously.

He had taken admission in a government school and participated in a race where he became the fastest runner. At the age of 12, Bolt was confused by opting for his career because he had a great interest in football and cricket. But his confusion got cleared soon by his coach when he saw bolt running in the cricket pitch, so he recommended bolt for sprinting.

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Step Towards Success

At the age of 15, playing for Jamaican in the Caribbean regional Competition and won the silver medal. In 2002, he won World Junior Championship in the 200 m at Kinston in Jamaica. He made him the Youngest World Youngest Junior Gold Medalist ever. With a very hard and dedicated training, Bolt had won a gold at the World Youth Championship in 2003. Bolt impressed the athletics world and he received the international association of Athletics Foundation Rising Star Award that year. Soon after he was recognized by a nickname “Lightning Bolt”. By that time bolt have a huge amount of fans.

The rush of appreciation and glory continued as he won 4 gold medals at 2003 CARIFTA games and he was also awarded by the Austin Sealy Trophy. Bolt was growing more popular in his homeland due to his glory as the capital city began to be a burden to the younger sprinters. At that time, Bolt was unfocused on his athletic career and started eating fast food and doing parties in Kingston’s club. Due to which he faced some problems in front of his competitors on the track.

Usain Bolt’s Top Speed

Usain Bolt’s top speed record was 44.72 km/hr (27.8 mph), was seen during the final 100 m World Championship in Berlin on 16th August 2009. During this track event between 60 to 80 m, his average speed was 23.5 mph. This speed was very rare in a human’s sprint speed. This speed (44.72km/hr) is considered to be the maximum speed at which a human can run.

Personal Best Records

  • 100 m race: 9.58 seconds ( WR, Berlin – 2009 )
  • 150 m race: 14.35 seconds ( WB, Manchester – 2009 )
  • 200 m race: 19.19 seconds ( WR, Berlin – 2009 )
  • 400 m race: 45.28 seconds ( Kingston – 2007 )
  • 800 m race: 2  min 7 seconds ( Kingston – 2016 )


Through a public magazine in August 2016, it was confirmed that Usain Bolt was dating Jamaican model Kasi Bennet. Bolt and his girlfriend is been quite private about their relationship but in January 2007, bolt told a journalist about their relationship which was about 3 years ago.

Kasi Bennet is a Jamaican citizen. She was born in 1990 in Old Harbour. She has been in the relationship with Usain Bolt since 2013.

Usain Bolt’s Net Worth

The Jamaican citizen who had won 9 Olympics golds i.e Usain Bolt, he has turned his speed into a great source of income. According to celebrity net worth estimate, Usain Bolt net worth is around $ 60 million. But recently, according to Forbes magazines in June 2017 it was estimated that Usain Bolt’s net worth is $ 34.2 million.

Bolt has a deal with Puma, which pays alone more than $ 10 million every year to bolt. Bolt raised his status as the world’s fastest man to secure a dozen of sponsors so that he can increase his earning or income. Some of its sponsors include XM, Advil, Sprint, Kinder, and Mumm.

Some of his Recognition

  • Jamaica Sportsmen of the year – 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the year – 2008, 2009, 2012
  • Track and Field Athlete of the year – 2008, 2009
  • Marca Leyenda – 2009
  • IAAF World Athlete of the year – 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013,2016

Awards, Achievements, and Records

usain bolt biography
usain bolt biography


Usain St Leo Bolt is the World Record Holder in races for 100 m,  at 9.58 seconds and 200 m at 19.19 seconds. This both was made in 2009 in Berlin at World Athletics Championships. Bolt was an 11th time World Champion. He got various award and some are Laureus World Sports Award, Espy Award and some are listed in above list. He had participated in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics Games. Bolt completed a “triple-triple” along with a total of 9 gold medals won in the 100 meter, 200 meters and 400-meter relay races. By doing so Bolt joined two other “triple-triple” runners: Paavo Nurmi and Carl Lewis of Finland and The United States respectively.  But an unfortunate incident occurred in 2017 Olympics, due to which International Olympics Committee stripped one of the 2008 medals of a 400 m relay. This is because Office Teammate Nesta Carter was found guilty of a doping violation.

List of Olympics Results

2008  Beijing :
  • Gold – 100 meter
  • Gold – 200 meter
  • Gold – 4 x 100-meter relay      
2012  London :
  • Gold – 100 meter
  • Gold – 200 meter
  • Gold – 4 x 100-meter relay      
2016  Rio :
  • Gold – 100 meter
  • Gold – 200 meter
  • Gold – 4 x 100-meter relay      

List Of World Championships

  • 2007 Silver – Osaka 4 x 100 m relay
  • 2007 Silver – Osaka 200 m
  • 2009 Gold – Berlin 100 m 
  • 2009 Gold – Berlin 200 m 
  • 2009 Gold – Berlin 4 x 100 m relay
  • 2011 Gold – Daegu 200 m 
  • 2011 Gold – Daegu 4 x 100 m relay
  • 2013 Gold – 100 m
  • 2013 Gold – 200 m
  • 2015 Gold – 100 m
  • 2015 Gold – 200 m
  • 2015 Gold – 4 x 100 m 
  • 2017 Bronze – 100 m

Soccer Career

Usain Bolt had a keen interest in Soccer since his childhood. In the above paragraph, we know that he is confused between Soccer and Sprinting. Usain bolt has thought to make a career in soccer several times. In August 2017  retirement from track and field events, he planned to join Manchester United for a charity game against Barcelona. But he had missed his chance due to his hamstring injury. Bolt said he always have contact and linked with several pro soccer teams including Manchester United. According to the survey of reporters, bolt said that”we have a lot of offers from different soccer teams but I have to get over my injury first and then I will look after it”.

At the US Formula 1 Grand Prix, he told the reporters that”For me its personal goal. I don’t care what people really think about it. I am not going to lie to myself. I am not going to be stupid.”These all were reaffirmed his commitment to playing soccer.”If I go out there and I feel I can do this then I will give it a try. It’s a dream and another chapter of my life. If you have a dream that you always wanted to do, why not try and see where it will go.”

Usain Bolt and Drugs

No doubt, Usain Bolt has proved that he is Lightning Bolt. As per his name, he has shown tremendous talent ever since he first started running. His timings and speed are consistent with an athlete of tremendous talent. Usain Bolt was tested by IAAF International Testing Pool on daily basis but the outcome never came positive. From the history of Sports, questions have been raised about the issue of drug use. This testing was concerned due to Terceived inadequacies of the Jamaican Athletics Federation. In 2013, they fail to undertake proper out of competition testing in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics.

Due to this failure, to implement proper drug testing was compounded by Six Jamaican Athletes including the former world 100 m record holder Asafa Powell and Veronica Campbell – Brown. WADA announced an extraordinary audit of the Jamaican Testing Program and have even threatened to ban Jamaican Athletes from international competition.

Bolt has frequently stated that he is clean. In January 2017, it was announced that bolt teammate Nesta  Carter, from the 2008 Beijing Olympics had retroactively tested positive for a stimulant methylhexaneamine, and therefore the whole team was stripped of their gold medal.

Professional Track and Fields

Bolt reached the world top 5 rankings in 2005 and 2016 but unfortunately, injuries continued to plague the sprinter preventing him from completing a full professional season. In 2007, the bolt broke the national 200 m record held for over 30 years by Donald Quarrie and earned 2 silver medals at the world championship in Osaka, Japan. Despite, a nagging hamstring injury bolt was chosen for The Jamaican Olympics Squad for the 2004 Athens Olympics. He was eliminated in the first round of 200 m though again hampered by injury. But he took a more serious stance towards his career.

Olympic Career


In 2008, Beijing Summer Olympics, Bolt had participated in 100 and 200 m events. In 100 m final leading up to the games, he broke the world record by winning in just 9.69 seconds. By setting this goal he also visibly slowed down to celebrate before he finished. Due to this event, his shoelace was untied. He went on to win 3 gold medals by setting 3 world records in Beijing.


At 2012, Summer Olympics Game, which was held in London where Bolt set a new world record. By running  100 m race in just 9.63 seconds. He won a gold medal in 100 m race as well as in 200 m race. He was the first men to win both 100 and 200 in consecutive Olympics Games. Bolt established a notable history in which he was the first men to set 3 world records in a single Olympics Game Competition.


At 2016, Summer Olympics Games, Bolt returned to Olympic Glory by winning a gold in 100 m race and also by making him the first athlete to win 3 successive titles in the event. He finished the race in 9.81 seconds with American runner and rival Justin Gatlin who took silver in 0.08 seconds behind him. Bolt got the title “Fastest Men Alive”.


Bolt published a memoir The World’s Fastest Man in 2010 which was reissued 2 years later as The Fastest Man Alive – The True Story Of Usain Bolt.

It can be purchased from here: – The Fastest Man Alive: The True Story of Usain Bolt

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